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“Beagle told our story in such a dynamic and engaging way through film, it ended up leading the marketing campaign. It really is powerful, effective storytelling at its best.”



“The exceptional levels of creativity, the practical implementation of the idea, the engagement produced in our target market - all of these were down to Beagle - and working with them has been an absolute pleasure.”

Harley Davidson


“There are talented people in Advertising, and there are great people to work with. Beagle score a 10 in both these areas. They’ve helped us solve some our trickiest marketing problems through their targeted approach, creativity and ingenuity.”



“Beagle has helped us give a powerful voice to over a hundred aspiring young people across the UK - bringing their highly sensitive stories to a global audience through film and digital engagement, while keeping a close eye on budget and deadlines.”

The Prince’s Trust